Our Story

Yoga Philippines was established in 2005 when Joseph de Asis opened his yoga studio in his Alabang residence.  He started introducing friends to yoga and began offering several classes.  Over a period of six years, Joseph has expanded his yoga offerings both at his studio and had also conducted yoga classes in private residences where family members practice yoga together. This expansion has primarily been the result of recommendations and endorsements made by Joseph’s students to their friends.

In the last couple of years, Joseph has added additional experienced Yoga teachers and Group exercise instructors to his team in order to accommodate more yoga practitioners and other group exercise enthusiasts who would like to experience the Yoga Philippines approach.

Yoga Philippines offers students the experience to learn and enjoy yoga and other group exercises at their own pace and at the same time increase their level of proficiency. It is this level of personal attention to individual students that differentiates the Yoga Philippines approach.

With many years of practice, study and experience, our Yoga teachers and Group exercise instructors ensure that each class is appropriate for everyone. We make modifications to the various poses and exercises to make them suitable for our students’ capabilities.