Our Teachers

“If we practice the science of yoga, which is useful to the entire human community and which yields happiness both here and hereafter – if we practice it without fail, we will then attain physical, mental and spiritual happiness, and our minds will flood towards the Self.”


8769886Joseph De Asis

Joseph is the founder and director of Yoga Philippines. 
He started practicing Yoga in 2000. Joseph took his Ashtanga Teacher Training Course with R. Alexander Medin in 2007, Advance Anatomy in Ashtanga Yoga Course with Neil Barker in 2009, Pranayama and Ashtanga Course with Paul Dalaghan in 2015 and Intermediate Ashtanga Yoga with Manju Jois in 2015. Joseph is also certified in Basic and Advance Instructor’s Course for Group Exercise, and in Basic and Advance Personal Trainer’s Course by the Association of Fitness Professionals of the Philippines. He is a current student of KPJAYI India and Human Kinetics at the University of the Philippines. He has been teaching since 2003 and continues to unfold the beauty of Yoga practice.

2695589Joban Luna

His love for yoga started as an invitation to join his wife in Ashtanga. He was initially trained for fitness in the boxing field for several years. But as he discovered the benefits of yoga on his body, he began to take it seriously. He was able to train and got certified by Jovan Nikolic of AV108 for Ashtanga Yoga. From then on, it was like a constant call for his body to achieve alignment, strength, and sense of well being. His love for teaching is a manifestation of how he wants to share the achievements he attained when one starts to practice yoga. He believes that yoga chooses no one, and it is a practice for everyone who wants to engage in wellness and love for one’s body. He is also a certified advanced diver which he also enjoys as he correlates the experience of peace he gets underwater and on the mat.

8157773Ronaldo Padul

Ronaldo started dancing since 1997, he is a former BMW Dancer and Power People Dancer, a choreographer of the three-time grand champion of Belo Medical Group Dance Contest. He is also the producer of Sitcom’s Best Dance Crew and Entertainment Manager of Sitcom LIVE! Las Pinas City. Dancing is his passion and teaching special events since 2007. He was recently Certified as a Certified ZIN (Zumba Instructor) this October 2014.